The New Album: “Kropsbygning”

So a third Ghost Flute & Dice album is ready for release. This album is back to the more basic (in theory at least) piano-and-effects idea. Its a combination of prepared piano and electronic effects and akward rhythms. Its an exploration of the mechanical and dissonant sides of the instrument.

The music will be made available as CD or digital download. And also streaming. Im cooperating with two nice labels about this release. Attenuation Circuit in Germany and Obsolete Media Objects in the US. Start out by going to the bandcamp page and the rest is easy.

The CD comes in this great partly homemade (100% home-designed) cover by Connie Munch. It folds out into these strange abstract 3D figures. We feel it fits perfectly with the music.

The title is Danish for “the build of a person´s body”.

Thank you for listening.

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