Release 12. maj

Nyt album lavet i samarbejde med digteren Peter-Clement Woetmann udkommer som vinyl og digital download. Begge kan købes på bandcamp. Til både og vinyl og download medfølger teksthæfte med de fulde tekster. Den kan købes allerede nu via følgende link og ellers streames på de fleste platforme fra 12. maj.
New album out made in collaboration with the Danish poet Peter-Clement Woetmann. The album is being released via bandcamp as both vinyl and digital download. The album is already available for sale and will become streamable on all major platforms from May 12th.

Album cover insert plade

Album forside og bagside


The new Ghost Flute & Dice record “Kropsbygning” has now been officially released on Attenuation Circuit, Obsolete Media Objects and Bandcamp. You can stream it everywhere, and if you like it why not buy a download or even a CD with an outrageous homemade cover.
CD for sale
Ive collected some quotes from some of the reviews that have come in so far. I must admit I have been impressed with some of the imaginative language the album has set off. And I didn´t dare to post the really interesting stuff. You will have to follow the links and read yourselves.
“As the pianos plunge in deeper and darker, what sounded like the end before might have felt like the end, but no, it was clearly not the end. This is the end and it is wonderful. What a ride this has been.” – Raisedbygypsies
“There is quite some variation in these eight pieces, but that works very much in favour of the release. The diverse approaches is not a show off of what Almholt can do, but it is to present a most interesting musical release. Great cover too!” – VitalWeekly
“‘Kejser af Kina’ ruckt in metalloiden Ruckern voran, mechanisch mahlend, mit glitschenden Rutschern, gepitchtem Klingklang, körniger Verzerrung, ein kreisender chinesischer Drache, wie getroffen von einem Betäubungspfeil”. – Bad Alchemy #97
“The piano notes are twisted into new shapes in service to an unfamiliar structure. And yet it all works. Those who hunger for unusual geometries will find the right formulas here.” – acloserlisten

The New Album: “Kropsbygning”

So a third Ghost Flute & Dice album is ready for release. This album is back to the more basic (in theory at least) piano-and-effects idea. Its a combination of prepared piano and electronic effects and akward rhythms. Its an exploration of the mechanical and dissonant sides of the instrument.

The music will be made available as CD or digital download. And also streaming. Im cooperating with two nice labels about this release. Attenuation Circuit in Germany and Obsolete Media Objects in the US. Start out by going to the bandcamp page and the rest is easy.

The CD comes in this great partly homemade (100% home-designed) cover by Connie Munch. It folds out into these strange abstract 3D figures. We feel it fits perfectly with the music.

The title is Danish for “the build of a person´s body”.

Thank you for listening.


Welcome to the new virtual harbour for Ghost Flute & Dice. Have a look-see. You should find info about the upcoming tour in Germany in November. A few teasers from the album that is almost ready for release. And and and also the new spoken word project with Peter-Clement Woetmann. Feel free to leave a comment. Haven´t tested the comment feature actually. uhyre-hvid-paa-blank